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ZOZEN service team continues to visit the boiler rooms in northeast region

ZOZEN service team continues to visit the boiler rooms in northeast region

  • 11 Oct 2019
  • by ZOZEN Boiler

Recently, ZOZEN service team carried out professional and thoughtful inspection and maintenance of nearly 50 ZOZEN boilers operating in the front line of enterprise users in the northeast region.

In the service return visit of Liaoning Province, ZOZEN service team provided perfect after-sales service for enterprise users such as Changchun University of Science and Technology, The Second Hospital of Jilin University, China Aerospace Changchun Huatao Automotive Plastic Parts, etc. Among them, Sinopharm Yixin is a specialized pharmaceutical company integrating R&D, production and marketing. A branch sets of WNS series steam boilers provide sufficient heat source support for heating, concentration and drying in the pharmaceutical process.

The ZOZEN service personnel inspected and maintained the various components of the gas-fired boiler system that had been runnng for over three years, and the boiler body and combustion system were in a normal state. However, according to the user's feedback, when steam consumption is large, the boiler feed pump will not be able to replenish water in time. In this case, ZOZEN service personnel with rich experience checked and reset the inverter parameters, and the boiler feed water system resumed normal operation afterwards.

ZOZEN service personnel communicated with clients of Sinopharm Yixin

ZOZEN service personnel communicated with clients of Sinopharm Yixin

The winter in the northeastern region is long and cold, so large boilers used for centralized heating also occupy a certain market share. In the return visit of Liaoning Province, the ZOZEN service personnel carried out a comprehensive inspection for many heating boilers in the state of shutdown, and eliminated the hidden problems one by one to ensure the centralized heating work of this winter will proceed in a stable and smooth manner. 

In the government heating boiler room of Longgang District, Huludao City, the ZOZEN service team inspected the DHW series coal-fired hot water boiler in the shutdown state. This series of coal-fired boilers adopts a single-drum and horizontal reciprocating grate, which is an important part of the DHW series of boilers. The inspection results showed that the various components of the boiler are in good condition. The ZOZEN service personnel also conducted face-to-face communication with the boiler operator on the operation and maintenance of the boiler, emphasizing the importance of regular maintenance of the grate, the correct boiler maintenance could ensure the long-term normal and safe operation of the boiler and extend the service life of the boiler.

ZOZEN service personnel inspected the boiler

ZOZEN service personnel inspected the boiler

Quality and service are the foundation of the company. Over the years, ZOZEN has won the recognition and trust of many enterprise users due to the high product quality guarantee the intimate service provided to customers in the sales and after-sales links.

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